My Little List

Over coffee this morning, I decided to jot down things we wish to avoid when choosing movies or shows for our children to watch:

  1. Families with 2 or less children.
  2. Children with their own bedrooms and an excessive amount of belongings.
  3. Birthdays or Christmas with too many gifts.
  4. Irregular families.
  5. PDA
  6. Tattoos
  7. Fathers that do not have conventional jobs.
  8. Mothers that do not dress like mothers.
  9. Immodesty in dress and action.
  10. Animated movies that address adult content (i.e. Ants, Shark Tale, etc).
  11. Movies that show that defying parents is a good thing (The Little Mermaid).
  12. Profanity
  13. Saying the Lord’s Name in vain.
  14. Youtube!!! Weird Ads, and you never know what the author will stick in the clips.
  15. Unrealistic Vacations (Youtube!!!)
  16. Shopping
  17. Regular School (we homeschool)
  18. Non-Catholic religious practices
  19. Horror movies or anything that shows demonic or scary images.

I compiled this list as I remembered all the strange things I was exposed to when I was a child. My parents tried their best to raise good catholic children, but they were not prepared for the terrible things that were available on television and movies (back in the 80’s).

When looking at this list, it pretty much narrows down our media to only a small amount, but who needs to live in front of TV screen anyway?

Avoiding Immodesty

I’m a new convert to traditional catholicism and have been a mom for just 6 years now. I’ve only recently realized the importance of modesty (in clothing & behavior) and how much immodesty my children are exposed to when we go out. My husband and I have been amazed at how ‘undressed’ people are where children may be present (e.g. stores/areas/restaurants where activities/services/products are available to children).

Before I go on, I’d like to mention that although I find great importance in modesty, I don’t automatically assume that immodest people are bad people. I think most people don’t understand or even consider immodesty to be an issue.

That being said, I understand that we cannot change everything in the world and most things are to be accepted. Two mysteries that come to my mind are-

The Annunciation (humble acceptance)



The Crowning With Thorns (courage for detachment from the world).


Complaining or worrying too much about immodesty is not fruitful. We need to humbly accept certain things God has allowed in our lives that we cannot change . To limit my children’s exposure to immodesty, the best thing we can do is to simply detach (I used to be very attached to places like Starbucks & Target) & avoid going to those places immodest people may go.

Generally, if I take my children anywhere before 10am it’s likely that we’ll avoid immodest people. I’ve noticed immodest people are not out of the house before 10am. Also, it’s usually too cold to leave the house without being properly covered early in the morning (in most areas). If I do find myself needing to go out later in the day, I try taking only the babies and leaving the older ones with relatives. It’s not prudent to take so many kids out at a time anyway.

However, my kids are not prisoners at home after 10am. The children only go to necessary places such as the library, homeschool co-op, T-ball practices & games, Mass, etc.

I think this is not such a bad thing. It teaches our children to get up early to get errands done, to avoid going to places that are unnecessary, and to establish the home as the focus of daily life.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.



Our Rosary Mysteries

Our Rosary Mysteries

Every evening before bedtime, Dad leads the rosary in our children’s bedroom. We turn off the lights and a candle illuminates the current mystery we’re meditating on.

Our rosary display is homemade, neat, & easy to make.

I used:

Since this is a project dealing with sacred images of Jesus & Mary, I decided to avoid making this an arts & crafts project with my little ones and worked on it on my own.

1. Open the rosary booklet to the middle and remove the staples.
2. Separate the pages.
3. Cut out the pictures of the mysteries (simply cut on the creases). Organize them into the 3 rosary categories.
4. For each rosary category- tape together two photo album inserts side-by-side so they form one longer rectangle).  I chose photo album inserts because a) I already had them b) They look nice without too much work c) They are temporary and I can safely take the mysteries out and reframe them at a later time.

5. Use a piece of cardboard to reinforce the middle part where the inserts join so that it’s not flimsy in the middle where they meet.6. Turn the pair of album inserts over to the non-taped side and carefully peel back the clear plastic.
8. Place the 5 mysteries side by side so that they are centered on the album inserts. The 5 pictures from the rosary booklet I used fit perfectly onto the 2 photo album inserts.
9. Replace the plastic very carefully. Take your time as you lovingly cover those beautiful mysteries.10. Cover the holes of the album inserts with cut-up pieces of white adhesive labels so that it will look neater.
11. Clip the finished product into your document holder. Attach two 3m Command Strips to the back of the document holder and attach to the proper place above your altar. If you light candles during the rosary, place it high or low enough for your candle(s) to illuminate it.This is our humble rosary altar. All mysteries are kept clipped together on the holder while the current mysteries are on the front (it’s easier to keep them together this way). IMG_1049-0Our 6-year-old loves to move the candle and announce the mysteries 🙂

Ave Maria!